Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome to the Ring. Maybe.

One need not write a book about this. This ring is mainly for sites about one particular day - New Year's Eve, when people are usually out celebrating. Not New Year's Day, when people are often recovering from celebration, so much, but if you have something interesting for that, day, please feel free to submit it and I'll take a look.

This is not an adult ring. I don't want to see any nudity or scenes of out of control debauchery. No vomit shots. Yes, I know it happens, be we don't need to see that. Recipes for adult beverages are fine. Adult stories are not.

What I most want to see are pages about New Year's Eve gatherings that can be afforded by people who don't have $90 to spend on the cover for a party, and are amazed at the notion that such a thing would be asked of them, just for them to be able to get out of the house that night. One of the sites you'll find on this ring is a blog called "Oliver Twist". Maybe it will give you some ideas. Or maybe not, because both the blog and ring are fairly young as I'm writing this, but we can talk about this, over on Flickr.

This blog (and its companion microblog on Twitter) will be used for one purpose and one alone - talking about the new sites on the ring, or maybe, sometimes, news about the sites on the ring. Generally, the sites on the ring other than mine - I have my own Twitter microblog, and see no need to tweet about my updates in stereo. On this blog, I'm here to celebrate the work of others.

One last thing - there's an issue that I would think would be an obvious one with any ring that is a member of other rings, but which I hardly ever see addressed: how do you find your way back to a ring to which this ring belongs? I assume that if you're visiting, that you're going to do more than just look at the introduction to the ring? So, if you've surfed my ring, and now you want to return to Webring, how do you do that?

Answer: Just click on the graphic for my ring. It will, in all cases, send you right back to the ring return page for my ring, complete with ssnb and a link back to here, if you absolutely must return to Webring through exactly the same page on which you entered my site. Or my ring. Or however you would put that. It's a hard thing to phrase without causing confusion, isn't it?

Let's move along. The ring is ahead.

New Years' Ring

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